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and this is my STORY

Before, I felt sad everytime people will call me “mataba” I got to a point that I cried so many times and realized why should I cry? Nothing will change if I allow people to bully me. I'd rather be strong, be motivated and inspire other people to be beautiful and sexy in their own way despite of the bullyings.

Remember ladies as long as we plus size women doesn’t hurt anybody, No one has the right to bully us.

My family is my inspiration, I felt their support and love. Especially when I wore the one and two piece swimsuit I bought in Estilo Philippines (I looked Gorg!). They're very happy for me because I have that over-flowing 'confidence' on wearing it and they saw how excited I was that finally I had the chance to wear what I like and love. My Parents, Siblings and in laws ACCEPTED me for who I am without any judgement.

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