I have been a plus-size girl my entire life. Since I was a child, I was made to believe that my size is not considered beautiful by many. Growing up then, I would carefully choose the clothes to wear, more so the clothes not to wear, just so I could somehow hide my body from people and avoid their criticisms. I was very conscious and insecure of my body, knowing that being heavier than mostly everyone is not a good thing in our society. It even came to a point that I got sick because I deprived myself of food just so I would look good to everyone.

It even frustrates me more back then that my option on what I could wear is very limited, considering that most clothes that one could find in malls, tiangges, and other stores aren’t tailored for people like me. More importantly, the fact that I focused on what I could wear based on what society thinks, rather than what I want to wear, was very saddening.

Thankfully, times have changed. People now have started to accept the fact that we all have different body types. There is now an increasing number of businesses catering to the plus-size market. Many women are now speaking out and advocating body positivity.

This really made me happy. I have realized then that before other people can accept me, I myself should accept me first. I have realized that it is not necessary for me to please everyone, as I must know that there is nothing ugly or wrong with the way I look, or with how much I weigh. I have realized that what is beautiful in our society are merely standards imposed by society as well. I mean, cliché as it may sound but, why should I fit in when I’m born to stand out?

Hence, today, I choose not to be limited by the clothes that society thinks I can wear. I want to wear clothes that I really want to wear. Being a beach lover, I am thrilled that now I have the confidence to wear swimsuits just like other girls do. After all, it is no longer about what you wear based on society’s standards, but rather, how you wear it. ❤️#estilocurves #estilosummer

Instagram post by @lengyvee Lengy V.