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My Plus story begun when I settled 3 years
ago..I and my husband enjoy each and everyday of our Lives. FOOD becomes a hobby, we love eating. Since then, I started to gain weight, uncontrollably. I felt the weight gain, my clothes can hardly fit, my body becomes heavy and I started to feel unconfident. People would always notice you and say words you dont wanna hear, like you got Fat, What happen ? etc .etc. and that breaks my heart. Only few weeks back, I started to scroll on FB/IG /Youtube this kind of Women Empowerment through PLuS size models who motivate all the girls who is Living Large all their Lives .How to cope with all this PLuS Size issues and how they become the most confident women beyond their shapes and sizes. Also, I found a modelling school wherein they have casting for PlusSizemodels and train them on how to start a career in the industry. Now , i am currently one of the candidates for the first ever PLUS size Modelling Competition in the Country, and I begun to set advocacies about loving your Body, embracing your Curves and try Not to be somebody that you are not! Just be yourself. In this millenial world where in, there is so much bodyshamers and bashers , One should standout and redefined the meaning of BEAUTY BEYOND SIZE...It's True that Self Validation of Worth should come from Within😍Be You, Be Authentic. Be real .Be that kind of favorite Girl that you love  #estilocurves #estilosummer #estiloplusizeswimwear👙

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