Latex Waist Trainer

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Latex waist trainers are best for natural waist training and bodybuilding.

Waist trainers are worn 5 to 20 hours a day. There are those who wear their corsets 24/7. The amount of time you spend in your waist trainer, i.e. the number of hours per day and number of days per week, is the primary factor for results. As you can see, there is not time for mix-and-match. Whether trainers are latex, rubber, neoprene or corsets depends on your goals.

Latex waist trainers are essentially a latex band that fits around the midsection. A latex core is given a 100% cotton lining to move perspiration away from the body. Latex trainers do come with soft cotton exteriors in various colors and patterns.

For body sculpting latex trainers can be worn to mobilize fat cells and remove toxins during workouts. A major portion of the day will be utilized in waist training with a corset. Bodybuilders should never use waist trainer corsets. It’s actually counterproductive and can cause atrophy in the muscles of the abdomen and back.


Latex Waist Trainer Care

Latex Allergy

Always check with your doctor before wearing a latex waist trainer. Have your doctor check for latex allergy. There is a range of allergic reactions. The reaction is a hypersensitivity disorder of the immune system. If you’re allergic, your immune system will react to the nontoxic substance latex. Latex contains natural resins, tannins, oils, sugars, starches, alkaloids, proteins and gums.


Latex waist trainers should be prewashed to prevent skin irritation.


  • Hand wash your latex waist trainer with delicate wash.
  • Line dry in shade. Never expose your latex trainer to the sun or heat.
  • Never bleach or machine dry.
  • Don’t use any kind of cream or gel while wearing a latex waist trainer.



Rubber Waist Trainer
For Rubber Waist Trainer with 4 bones, Choose one size smaller from your natural waistline.


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